Some images of Ile d’Orléans

I went on a small trip to Ile d’Orléans island earlier this week. I was looking for agricultural stock photos. Did not exactly got what I was looking for, but I came back with some usable image.

Normandy style house
A farmer rides a tractor on his field in front of a Normandy style house in Saint-Jean-de-l’Ile-d’Orleans. Most of the settlers during the New-France era came over from Normandy and Poitou (France).

Espace Felix Leclerc
The Espace Felix Leclerc in St-Pierre, Ile D’Orleans, near Quebec City. The site pays tribute to the memory of the poet and his work.

Saint-Laurent-de-l’Ile-d’Orleans Church
Saint-Laurent-de-l’Ile-d’Orleans Church

More Ile d’Orleans stock photos on my stock site.

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