This is a teaser

Let’s start the new version of my blog with a big teaser. We freelancer have a big advantage over the staffer: we don’t do the less interesting day-to-day stuff. A photo editor don’t want to pay us around 200$ to shoot some bottles of wine for the food weekly section or some shoes for the fashion one. When we go out, it’s usually fun, refreshing, new, interesting.

I’m back from shooting a portrait of a very important figure of the Quebec City area politic. I’m 32, and this guy is around for as along as I can remember. When I got the assignment sheet, I really felt lucky to do the job; he is getting older and I feel I am documenting history, that those pictures will be very valuable in the future.

A couple of minute ago, I finished my editing and my photoshoping. I really think I was able to capture the essence of this man. I’m so glad I did well.

Unfortunately, you will have to wait a bit to see the picture and even know of whom I am talking about. It should be in the paper on April 21 and I will wait until then to put them here.

I told you this one was a teaser!

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