How a marketing guy unwinds: vintage skateboard replica

Marketing Magazine asked me to take a portrait of Jean Lafrenière, copywriter and art director at LG2, for their column about « what does a marketing guy do to unwind »

From the article:

Hanging around his home are some 60 vintage skate deck replicas, carefully cut and sanded down from blanks, then hand-painted and airbrushed with special techniques to mimic the silk-screened finish of the originals. Lafrenière uses old photos from his magazine collection to reproduce the artwork as closely as possible; he recreates the “period-correct” brand stickers in Photoshop and prints them on sticker-paper; and he’s even invented a method to custom-colour urethane wheels, which takes about an hour of boiling in dyes on his stove.

Here are some of his pieces.

Jean Lafreniere from LG2

Jean Lafreniere from LG2

Jean Lafreniere from LG2

And here is how it was played:

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