The leap of faith

On February 19, I took the leap of faith. Even though my son was about to come into this world, I decided to quite the security of my day job so I could entirely focus on my photography business.

The graph below represents the evolution of my photo revenue since I started to freelance in 2006 (the stock sales for the month of May is not included yet). The red line represents my net salary when I was working full time as a web programmer.

Sale report

Do you think I regret my decision?

The first and last item on the One Hundred Things Completely Right About Our Job list are now absolutely true for me. And number 40, too…

Commentaires (4)

  • Si je sais compter, tu es rendu au double de ton salaire en tant que prograqmmeur! J’espère (et tu as le talent pour), que ça durera!


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