Serious microstock photographer

You want to make a living shooting for microstock? Well, you are competing against guys like this. Are you up for the challenge?

Remember. All he’s getting is about 0.20$ per photo sold.

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  • Sincerely, I cannot believe he can afford that monster studio with only stock shooting… He must be doing some commercial stuff in between, such as catalogs, ads, portraits. Is the customer base of microstock so huge to support that kind of production?

  • Of course he probably make a lot of money. But that’s a bit my point.

    To be successful in microstock, you must be dedicated 100%. This guy has a HUGE studio, 50000$ in props and a couple of thousands in photo gear. And he still have to pay the rent and food to put on the table.

    He probably can produce a hundred usable photo per day.

    So good luck for the week-end warriors to compete with this guy!

    But… I still have to be proven wrong on the fact that he could make more money be sending his photos to a « real » stock agency.

    Sell 1000 images at 20 cents a pop, or sell one at 400$?

  • The guy must be making money if he has been doing it for year, as he says.

    Unless he is a really bad bussiness man… Which is also possible.

    The question is not the price per picture as much as the total amount of sales globally. Tell it to Bic™ with their razors and lighters.

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