Rod McIvor Retires

Ottawa Citizen photojournalist Rod MacIvor Retire. I will quote myself, from an old ECNPA forum thread:

When interning at the Citizen in March/April, I remember that I saw Rob one Monday morning editing some photos of his week-end trip to Mont-Tremblant (ski resort, north of Montreal). He was filing the pictures he took on vacation, just in case the paper would need some stock photos of the resort in the future.


I remember one day I was tagging along with a photographer that will remain nameless. He was, too, a veteran. We arrive at a scene of an accident. He pulls over, crank his window down and grabs a few shots from the seat of his car. I was shocked. Just before leaving (like 30 seconds after we arrived), he asks me if I want to get out to get some shot. « Of course! » I say! So while he waits for me in the car, I move around to find an interesting angle and see how I could make an interesting picture. Of course, mine was better than his… And it’s not that I was a better shooter than him!

To make a long story short, as a young and starting photographer, I hope I will be a Rob MacIvor in 20 or 30 years from now.

CTV did a nice reportage on his last day at work

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