How to track down copyright infringement of your photos

Google updated this morning their Google Image search engine with a new reverse image search.

This is basically a Tineye killer, which that worked well but with a too small database. Google Image reverse search WILL do a LOT of damage to repeat offenders.

Just open Google Image on your browser, and open your blog/website/stock site on another one side by side. One by one, drag and drop your images to the « search zone » of Google Image, and let him do the rest.

I discovered that some of my images where used all over the place. One photo was used illegally more than 340 times. Will I sue every little blog around? No. But corporations, big media, radio station and other television websites should know better.

What to do next? Do not contact the infringers yourself. Let the professional handle it from there: hire a lawyer. No, it’s not that expensive: they get the job done and bring more money that you will spend on them; especially if you count the time you would use to do it yourself.

After just one morning of using it, my lawyer Catherine Morissette got 9 new mandates to serve infringers.

How to track down copyright infringement of your photos

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