Creative (non-editorial) stock photography

As a self-employed photojournalist, even when I don’t have something to do (an assignment), I HAVE something to do. Beside the “business” side (billing, self-promotion, etc), a freelancer always have to try to find new markets and new ways to make money out of his skill.

I recently told you about going back to my archive to put my photos into stock bank. Now it’s done, so as soon as the weather is cooperative, I go shoot headquarters, landmarks, or anything that might sell.

And when it’s snowing, raining, or when it’s just cloudy? I just started to try a new market: creative (non-editorial) stock photography. Earlier this week, I selected the theme “coffee” and spent a couple of hours setting up a little studio and shooting everything in the apartment that was coffee related. Some example below, complete sets of coffee stock photography on my Photoshelter page.

Coffee beans overflowing from a Burlap sackCoffee beans overflowing from a Burlap sack
Keywords: bag, coffee, beans, bean, white, background, studio, shot, food, cuisine, diet, food and nutrition, meals, breakfast, beverage, drink, drinks, nonalcoholic, cafe au lait, café mocha, cappuccino, drip coffee, espresso, Burlap, close, up, Textures, caffeine, roast, roasted, legume, seed, raw, icon, symbol, pip, grain, detail, still, life, group, java, flavored, hot, ingredient, black, sack, texture, fabric, Abundance, morning, decaffeinated, decaf, Caffeinated, gourmet, flavor, rich, fresh

Coffee and milk poured into a cupCoffee and milk poured into a cup
Keywords: Same as above + sugar, milk, glass, cup, transparent

A cup full of coffee with sugar and cinnamon sticks  isolated over a white backgroundA cup full of coffee with sugar and cinnamon sticks isolated over a white background
Keywords: Same as first + spoon, sugar, cinnamon, stick, cinnamon stick

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