I spent 3 hours at the Laurie Raphaël, the most prestigious restaurant in Quebec City, with Daniel Vézina, the most renowned chef in the city, if not the province. Thanks to Saveurs d’Ici magazine, my client for this job.

l’atelier de Daniel Vézina
L’atelier de Daniel Vézina / Daniel Vézina’ workshop

Baba au rhum revisite au sirop d’erable, yogourt cremeux au citron et cari
Baba au rhum revisité au sirop d’erable, yogourt cremeux au citron et cari

Faisan sauce au chocolat facon ‘mole’ emulsionne a l’huile pimente. Feuille et choux de bruxelle, oignons perle caramelise et champignon king grille
Faisan saucé au chocolat facon ‘mole’ émulsionné a l’huile pimenté. Feuille et choux de bruxelle, oignons perle caramelisé et champignon king grillé

Panacota d’asperge blanche
Panacota d’asperge blanche, pétoncle mariné au vinaigre de cidre naturel et caviar d’algues

chef Daniel Vézina
Daniel Vézina, chef au Laurie Raphaël

I did this assignment this fall for Toronto based YFM magazine. I could not show it before publication. So here is some photos of La Belle Époque restaurant in Montmagny (Qc, Canada).

They wanted a complete coverage of the building, a portrait of chef Lucien Dubé and some of him while cooking, some food shot, etc.

Since I did this a while ago, I don’t remember my light setting, so I’ll skip the technical details for this one.

Cooking food

Chef cooking

Food photography

Food photography portait

Food photography portait

food photographer

Pat Retro

It was recently the Celine Dion’s show on the Plains of Abraham for the 400th anniversary of Quebec city. In many interviews, she mentioned her special relationship since 20 year now with the restaurant Pat Retro and their famous “Pain à la viande”. Before the show, they had 40 or something of them delivered for their crew.

So the La Semaine magazine sent me there to photograph in detail the place, some of the item on the menu, and particularly the pain à la viande.

Pat Retro
Interior of Pat Retro’s restaurant
Technical: Canon EOS 20D, 1/80 at f3,5 with a 24-70 at 54mm – ISO 400, two remote flash aimed at the ceiling to pimp the ambient light.


Le Michigan du resto Pat Retro
Pat Retro’s Michigan
Technical: see below


assiette Caruso
Pat Retro’s assiette Caruso
Technical: see below


Pat Retro
Pat Retro’s Piment Fort burger
Technical: see below


Pat Retro
Pat Retro’s poutine italienne (I had to taste it. I must say that this is a real and serious contender for Ashton’s poutine. It is THAT good.
Technical: see below


Pain a la viande de chez Pat Retro
Pat Retro’s famous Pain à la viande, beloved by Celine Dion and René Angelil.
Technical: see below

All food where shot with the same setting. I used my 20d (my Mark II was about to be sent to repair, and my Mark III was not arrived yet) with a 24-70. Why this lens? For food, you usually want to get real close, almost like a macro shot. The 24-70 has a very short minimum focus point, allowing me to get real close and personal.

The food was put inside a light tent to diffuse the light coming from the two flashes. This allowed me to shoot at 1/250 (to kill the ambient light) at f18
Here was the setup:

food shot setup

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