Working for free?

John Arrington’s answer to David Hobby’s Four Reasons to Consider Working for Free, is an must read for any photographer; pro, hobbyist or a pro wannabe.

Arrington his not on a mission against the very popular Mr. Strobist. As he put it himself:

“I commented to him « yeah, you cite valid examples where it might work (more on that later), but almost all your readers will think that you’ve painted with a broad brush and won’t comprehend the discretion and the distinctions you’ve drawn. They’ll just hear ‘we can’t pay you to shoot that concert, but we can get you a credential and will give you a photo credit…’ and they will think you encouraged that ‘for portfolio purposes’, when that’s not what you meant. »

The third part where is answers comments is particularly enlightening. If you ever worked or considered working for free, your argument for doing so is sure to be answered.

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