“I’m not sure the bed will go thru the stair case”, said the delivery guy. “Did they move your current one thru there, or did they lift it thru the balconies?”

And here we go again.

“I don’t know. My parents took care of everything because we where at the hospital the day we moved in”

In many situation of our daily life, we are remembered the day Victor came and left. Now that we have Charles-Edward, we are often asked, “is he your first one?” Each time, we don’t know if we should say the truth, “he’s our first one alive”, and creates an uncomfortable moment or if we should diplomatically say yes, at the expense of his memory.

Time faded the injury, but sometime, our memory of that day comes back and it really hurts.

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  • Bonjour francis!

    je viens de tomber sur tes photos par hazard, elles sont magnifiques! les photos de ton fils sont sont PLUS que magnifiques! on dirait que c’est nous qui tennons ce petit bébé tout neuf! tes images m’ont sincèrement touchées!!!


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