Savoir reconnaitre les fraudes contre les photographes

Lorsque vous recevez un courriel avec une offre trop belle pour être vrais… En tant que photographe, comment reconnaitre les signes qu’on essais de vous frauder?

Le texte complet du courriel en question:

Hello Francis, 
 Your photographic works are aesthetic and I feel you will be perfect for our Editorial Fashion Photography Shoot gig.
I’m compiling shots for Contempo Media Inc. The Publishing company is looking for a seasoned professional and reliable photographer who want to create stunning images to feature on Sharp Magazine – Contempo Media Inc is particularly looking for a outdoor AVANT GARDE photo shoot.
The Photographer: You will coordinate as well as dictate the creative direction for our Style feature Photo Shoot, and will be shooting a Five hours outdoor « High Fashion Avant Garde » Photoshoot involving a male and female fashion model,
A hair stylist and a Makeup artist, A pro wardrobe stylist will also be in the team you will be coordinating.
If you’re interested in this project, it is important to note these Key details about the project:
1.     You will be required to work with 2  Fashion Models.
2.     There will be 3 outfits per model, 5 looks for each outfit, which totals 30 looks/images.
3.     Outfits/Wardrobe will be supplied by Us.
4.     Locations, Date, and Time of shoot will be fixed by the Photographer.
5.     Contempo Media requires 30 professionally taken pictures in High Res. Digital Copies (1500 x 2100px)
       Image type: JPG | Transfer method: File-share or Dropbox
6.     Shoot date: On / Before August 25th
7.     Final Image Delivery Date: August 30th
8.     Compensation: $2000 ($1000 upfront and $1000 balance payment).
9.     You will hold full image right (Licensor)
As the photographer we will be needing you to handle most aspect of the gig and dictate the creative direction for the Shoot.
Sure you can handle these? 
Kindly reply in affirmation and your details as listed below:
Full name:
Business name: (As it should be written on Contract and Payment Check)
Detailed address:
Phone number:
Click on the link for a sample of my work: (REDACTED)
I will forward a contract to be signed by both parties.
Greg | Editor| Sharp Magazine

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