Humbling stock photo experience

What is the most prestigious magazine for a photographer? The one that all of us (not so) secretly dream to be published in? National Geographic, of course.

I don’t think they are related, but Canadian Geographic is the Canadian counterpart of NG magazine. Everyone want to have « Canadian Geographic » in their client list.

So… I just got a picture picked up by Canadian Geographic from my archive that will be published in an upcoming issue.

Was it shot with my $5000 Mark II, my $2000 70-200 f2.8 with a $150 polarizing filter, all of this standing on a $250 tripod?


I shot it with a $400 point and shot camera, about 4 years ago. Long before I even add the idea I could be a professional photographer… On top of that, I did not have the original file, so they had to use the 800px width “saved for web” photo, a 100kb file.


The lesson for everyone here is: My photo was not spectacular. Fare from it. but they could not find better. they needed it. Having the best picture is one thing. Having it available for the whole word to see and find is almost as important.

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