How to travel light and still be able to take great portraits

Marc-André Proteau
My friend Marc-André, a candid shot taken during a friend gathering at his place
Technical: Canon EOS Mark III, 1/100 at f4,5 with a 24-70 at 64mm – ISO 800 + hand held flash on a VAL1 with a stofen on camera right

I carry a camera almost all the time. When I go to see friends or have a coffee, I don’t bring 2 or 3 flashes, pocket wizards, and all my camera bag. I usually bring the versatile 24-70, one 550ex flash with a stofen omnibounce to diffuse the light, and the Canon Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2 to fire remotely. I can travel light, but still can take a flash off-camera and create beautiful portrait.

1VAL: Voice Activated Lightstand. Yep, that’s a flash held by someone else that can move the flash around according to your need.

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