How does a photographer deal with the sudden death of his parents?

Note: I was planning to write this a long time ago. But each time I was going to, sadness took over. But it is time now.

In 2005, I was a fast-track student in photojournalism at the Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario. All of us but one, a local student, where living in the residence, in two separates apartment side by side.

We where living together, going to school together, shooting together, sharing together, hoping together, and going out together. In those 7 weeks, we formed a bound that will last forever.

Out of the bunch, Ryan Jackson was the youngest. The kid. A great guy that now works staff at the Edmonton Journal.


It was earlier this year. I was on assignment for The Gazette in Thetford Mines. Between two appointments with people that I add to photograph for a story, I took some time to read my Facebook on my iPhone.

And « bang! » came the news.

Ashley, his wife, updated her status with something like « for those who don’t know yet, Ryan’s parents where killed in car accident yesterday ».

I sat back in my car for many long minutes, shocked.

So how does a photographer cope with the sudden death of his parents? With photography, of course.

Ok, now I know why I was postponing this post. I just re-read Ryan’s blog entry and tears are coming out of my eyes.

Fast trackers reunited in Winnipeg this summer: Francis, Alexandra and Ryan Jackson

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  • Plutôt drôle ton post… C’est une question que je me suis souvent posé. Suis-je normal de ressentir le besoin de documenter en images des évènements de ma vie aussi personnels ? Semblerait que oui.

    Merci Francis ! :)

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