Ducks in light painting

Ducks in light painting

Technical: Canon EOS 1D mark II, 30 sec at f18 with a 24-70 at 67mm – ISO 100 + multiple flashes

This is my first time experimenting with a technique called “light painting”. I set-up my camera on a tripod and did a 30 second exposure. Armed with my 550ex speedlight flash in my hand, I moved around the ducks and shot a multitude of little burst of flash to light the part that I wanted. Because of the long exposure and the absence of ambient light, I could move freely inside the frame and not appears in the photo, as long as I was not staying at the same place too long.

Next time, I will bring more than one flash. The recycling time was a bummer. With two of them, I should be able to do better next time.

Those ducks are located on a bridge, separating it in two. My camera was less then a foot from the passing car. I’m a happy that no drunk driver passed by!

Drivers where probably wondering what a guy with bursts of light coming out of his hand was doing at night in the middle of a bridge!

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