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I’m pretty new to stock photography. I had a nice collection waiting on my hard drive, unused. I then applied to be an Alamy contributor. But their minimal requirement, a 50mb uncompressed image, is so high that just a couple of my photos could fit in – the one I shot in RAW mode.

Then, maybe 2 weeks ago, I applied to be a Canadian press contributor. This time, pretty much all of my photo could fit. I went back to my archive, key worded and captioned pretty much everything that I though could be usable, and started to FTP them.

I was really wondering how much I could make out of this. After all, most stock photographers say that you need 1000 images for 1 or 2 sales a year. 1000 images was more or less what I had.

Fast forward to today. I open Maclean’s (The English Actualité, for my Quebec friends) and what do I see, right there on page 12? One of my photos to goes with an article on separatism, with “Francis Vachon/ CP” as the byline. Sweet!

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