Back from Montreal

Back from a 3 days of shooting stock in Montreal. I shot about 350 frames in two days (Edward couldn’t sleep the second night, so I was way too tired to go shoot on Sunday) and just finished a selection of about 85 photos that will be submitted to various photo banks. A lot of post-processing in the next few days! I stumbled into a couple of feature photos while walking the street, so I’ll post some of that here eventually (already did with this one).

As planned and explained in my previous French post, I sat with 5 young photographers who would like to break into this business. 4 of them are still student at the CEGEP du Vieux-Montreal college. There was a lot of talent there! It went pretty well. I mainly reviewed their portfolio and answered general questions about the business. Apparently, Carl-Antoine Mainville Larocque was happy with the time he spent with me, even posting a picture of me suggesting a tighter crop to a photo with the help of some napkin paper.

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