A barn roof collapses

Barn roof collapsesFirefighters shovel snows to free a hundred cows trapped in a part of a barn that the roof collapsed due to heavy snow in St-Françoise-de-Lotbinière March 20, 2008. Dominic Drapeau, co-owner of the dairy farm, who was shovelling snow from the roof when the incident happen, fell through it when it collapsed and got stuck under the snow, with just one leg poking out. He was rescued just in time as he was turning purple, according to the witnesses.

Barn roof collapses, cows

Back story: I was on a job for The Montreal Gazette in this little and isolated municipality, an hour from Quebec City. I was taking photos in the Church with the Mayor and the ex-Mayor (now a volunteer firefighter), when they get a call about the roof, 500 meters away from where we were. Now that’s a coincidence!

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