La chute Kabir Kouba en hiverMeasuring 28 metres, Kabir Kouba Falls, whose name means « the river of a thousand meanders », are on the Saint-Charles River and fall to the rocks of the Canadian Shield directly below. The surrounding canyon is 42 metres deep, and can be viewed from footpaths in the Parc de la Falaise along the river and through the woods. This is an excellent site to observe the rich plant life and to see fossils dating back over 455 million years . Many Huron-Wendat myths and legends are associated with this site.
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Le Château Frontenac

Le Château Frontenac
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The Château Frontenac grand hotel, one of the most popular attractions in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

Designed by architect Bruce Price, the Château Frontenac was one of a long series of « château » style hotels built for the Canadian Pacific Railway company at the end of the 19th and the start of the 20th century. It opened in 1893, five years after its sister-hotel the Banff Springs. The railway company sought to encourage luxury tourism and bring wealthy travelers to its trains.

The hotel is perched on a tall cape overlooking the Saint Lawrence River, thus giving a spectacular view for several kilometres. The building is the most prominent feature of the Quebec City skyline as seen from across the St. Lawrence, and is a symbol of the city. The hotel is built near the Plains of Abraham, where the British defeated the French in 1759 during the Seven Years’ War (also called the French and Indian War), to annex Quebec (From wikipedia)

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