June 24 is the Quebec National Day. On the 23, a huge show is held on the Plains of Abraham, one of the biggest urban park of the world. Here is some photos with artists you have never heard of if you are not from Quebec.

Xavier CaféïneXavier Caféïne

Normand BrathwaiteNormand Brathwaite

France D’AmourFrance D’Amour

Les spectateursEven the sky puts his blue dress!

France D’Amour et Xavier CaféïneFrance D’Amour and Xavier Caféïne have fun into the crowd

Plume LatraversePlume Latraverse

France D’AmourFrance D’Amour

Xavier CaféïneXavier Caféïne have fun with the photographer

Xavier CaféïneXavier Caféïne plays with the spectactor who catched the tie he has trown into the crowd earlier

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