Shooting stock photos can be fun. And tasty. And fun. And tasty. And tasty. VERY tasty. I mean it. Tasty.

Chez Ashton poutine A sausages poutine from Chez Ashton, a popular fast food chain in the Quebec City area. Poutine is a French Canadian dish consisting of French fries topped with fresh cheese curds and covered with hot gravy.
Technical: Canon EOS 20d, 1/250 at f9 with a 16-35 at 31mm – ISO 200 + direct flash on the upper left

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Bravia Stop-motion commercial

After the « Balls » commercial:

And the « paint » commercial:

Bravia amazes us again with the « Play-Do » commercial. The fun part for us is that it is actualy a stop-motion movie. See how they did it on the Bravia website (click Play-do ad for the movie, and then « watch the making of »)

A photographer shut down an airport

I was ready to ask questions, but he had a few for me. « Are you Eileen Blass » Yup, I said. « Are you flying out on Delta? » Uh huh. « Did you check a large black bag? » Yes. Then I heard my heartbeat in my head. Andrea and I looked at each other. Huh? This was my entire fault?

I stepped outside to catch my breath. Oh…my…God…the media had arrived. Live TV trucks, a reporter doing a stand up, video being shot, a still photographer walking around, a man carrying a reporter’s notebook. It was « breaking news. » Watching the scene unfold, I felt like I was watching my own funeral. It was creepy.

That is funny, except when you are the onw involved, I guess!

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