I was recently commissioned by SSAB, a Swedish steel manufacturer, to photograph their impressive steel cutting machine. It is a harsh environment, but industrial photography is fun to do. It was my second time at the Delson plant. Photos from my first shooting are on my blog.

Industrial photography, Quebec

Industrial photography, Quebec

Industrial photography, Quebec

Industrial photography, Quebec

Industrial photography, Quebec

Some enhancing was done in post production to clean the plate a bit, but still keeping it believable.
Industrial photography, Quebec

And finally, if you want to see in what kind of environment I was shooting, here are two behind the scene photos and a video by my assistant Sébastien Dion.

industrial photographer Quebec City

industrial photographer Quebec City

I don’t really advertise myself as a commercial photographer, but since my Google rank is pretty good, I often get request from people looking for a commercial photographer in Quebec city. Some months, corporate jobs represent more than 50% of my income.

I rarely publish the photos and I rarely even talk about it here, because the end result is rarely interesting for anyone else than my clients.

But just because I feel like it, here is some jobs I recently did.

Sofame Direct Heating Installation:



Federation of Canadian municipalities congress:





Bombardier Transport metal cutting machine:



Christie Digital projectors in action at the image mill show (same job than those photos):


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