Equestrian competition

equestrian01.jpgLast week, I was the main event photographer for the ITF World Championship of Taekwon-do. Last Sunday, I was assisting the event photographer at a local equestrian competition. A lot less stressing! Actually, it was pretty fun and since he covers a lot of them, I will surely do it again.

So here is a selection of what I shot yesterday.








Mag cover

Got my first cover magazine today. Working for Entreprendre was challenging but fun. For their main story, they use 5 or 6 pictures, including the cover. That means you have to find and execute, in a short period of time, 5 or 6 fairly different pictures. As Frank O’Connor (Loyalist teacher) used to say: Creativity on demand!

Here is some pictures that I submitted:




Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities Yolande JamesMinister of Immigration and Cultural Communities Yolande James speaks with Gazette reporter Kevin Dougherty during a sit-down interview at her Quebec city office Tuesday May 22, 2007. James is the youngest minister in Jean Charest’s cabinet, and the province’s first black cabinet minister. She also carries the burden of being the only anglo in the pared-down cabinet.
Technical: Canon EOS 1d Mark II, 1/250 at f2.8 with a 85mm prime lens – ISO 400, Flash bounced into an umbrella on the left

Karl Gélinas

Karl GélinasCapitales de Québec starting pitcher Karl Gélinas throws the ball in Can-Am baseball league action against the Worcester’s tornadoes Friday May 25, 2007 at the Stade municipal in Quebec City
Technical: Canon EOS 1d Mark II, 1/500 at f2.8 with a 70-200 at 1200mm – ISO 1600

Gilles Vachon

Gilles VachonCindy and I went to see my parent at their cottage. As the evening went by, the golden light started to hit my father through the window. Of course, I could not resist shooting a couple of frames. A little bit of postproduction to convert it to black and white gave my what will be a beautiful memory of him someday.
Technical: Canon EOS 1d Mark II, 1/400 at f2.8 with a 70-200 at 165mm – ISO 200, no flash

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