A photographer shut down an airport

I was ready to ask questions, but he had a few for me. « Are you Eileen Blass » Yup, I said. « Are you flying out on Delta? » Uh huh. « Did you check a large black bag? » Yes. Then I heard my heartbeat in my head. Andrea and I looked at each other. Huh? This was my entire fault?

I stepped outside to catch my breath. Oh…my…God…the media had arrived. Live TV trucks, a reporter doing a stand up, video being shot, a still photographer walking around, a man carrying a reporter’s notebook. It was « breaking news. » Watching the scene unfold, I felt like I was watching my own funeral. It was creepy.

That is funny, except when you are the onw involved, I guess!

Reuter staffer follows Bush in Iraq

It was supposed to be a quiet weekend in Washington (…). I had just put on my mountain biking shoes, ready to clip into the pedals for a ride around the forest near Andrews Air Force base outside Washington, when I got THE CALL. It was a White House staffer, asking that we meet in three hours at a secret location known only to Reuters correspondent Matt Spetalnick and I, where we were to be told details of a special secret visit by U.S. President Bush to Iraq.

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Iraq: news in transition audioslide

Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Rick Loomis has covered the Iraq war for the Los Angeles Times. His outstanding series on « The Siege of Fallouja » and his heartbreaking multimedia report on wounded soldiers in « The Lifeline » have pushed the boundaries of mainstream journalism. Loomis generously agreed to open his photo files to us and recounted his life-changing experiences from his four years of deployment in Iraq.

Inside the surge

Video: Inside the surge

The Guardian’s award-winning photographer and filmmaker Sean Smith spent two months embedded with US troops in Baghdad and Anbar province. His harrowing documentary exposes the exhaustion and disillusionment of the soldiers.

The comments of the last soldier speaking to the camera are pretty deep…

Some assignments end up being more costly than the rate you are paid.


Oh! And my pair of jeans is written off.

Lesson of the day: Roots can get OUT of the ground and become a deadly and sneaky trap.

For the one new here, part I and II of « Photojournalist – a Dangerous job » are on the older version of my blog.

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