Like high-performance athletes, photographer Francis Vachon knows that a fraction of a second makes all the difference in getting the perfect result.

In addition to being the official sports photographer for the 15th ITF World Taekwon-Do Championship, he has covered world championships in boxing and the International Ice Hockey Federation's world championships for The Canadian Press.

Over the years, these events have helped him develop a sense of patience and precision, but above all responsiveness. Attentive to the action unfolding in front of his eyes, he uses his skills to anticipate the moment that people will remember and capture it.

Highly experienced, this sports photographer has covered all sorts of disciplines: hockeybasketballpaintballfootballequestrianbadmintoncurlingprofessional wrestlingathletics and many more.

Based in Quebec City, he can easily get to events throughout the region.

Francis Vachon - Photographer in Quebec City
Tel.: (418) 805-3840

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