The reach of war

The reach of war: a deadly search for missing soldiers is an impressive audioslide about a a group of soldier facing casualities in Iraq.

Unfortunatly, this kind of work might not be possible now.

You now need written permission from a wounded soldier to publish his photo if he is in any way identifiable. and even if his face is not visible


One soldier was temporarily blinded and put on a plane to germany. Should I have asked him to sign a piece of paper giving permission to use pictures he can’t see as he’s lying on a stretcher in great pain?


The question I pose is: What would have happened to our visual history if Robert Capa and Gene Smith were running around the battlefield during WWII trying to get releases signed as they worked? What if this had been required in Vietnam? Or any war?

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  • Incredible report. Amazing that a photojournalist be allowed to follow soldiers on such a dangerous mission. How long will they let the PJs do that.

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