Editorial photographer

An electric arcs forms when 25 kV cables falls to the ground during a fire of an old warehouse on Morissette street in Quebec City January 10, 2008 An emotional Hezbollah supporter is restrained during a lebanese march in the streets of Windsor Wednesday July 19, 2006 to protest Israel bombing of Lebanese targets. A young separatist spits on the Canadian flag to protest against Canada Day during the Mouvement de liberation National du Québec (MLNQ - Quebec National Liberation movement) demonstration held on la Terrasse Dufferin in Quebec City. Each year, the MLNQ gather aound 150 separatists to protest the "Canadian colonialism demonstration of Canada Day"
A 'modified' car ride into the mud pit during the second day of festivity of the annual Victoria Day Weekend at Trudeau Park in Tweed, Ontario
Private David Pelletier and his girlfriend have a tearful farewell at the CFB Valcartier as Palletier is about to leave on his way to the airport for his departure to Afghanistan

Following the news with diligence, photographer Francis Vachon can spring to action as a news photographer at any moment, especially when the situation requires it.

A press photographer for many years, his clients include La Presse, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, The Gazette, The Toronto Star, plus L'Actualité, Macleans and The Canadian Press.

His experience allows him to quickly understand the issues and emotions to illustrate so your readers can be accurately informed. 

Whether it's a newspaper, a news agency or a magazine, this photojournalist adapts quickly and seamlessly to the style and goals of your publication: to touch, to provoke or to inspire.

Based in Quebec City, he can quickly get to neighbouring regions for any type of reporting: press conference, sporting event, protest, portrait, community activities, etc.

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