Delphine Musellec

delphinemusellec5.jpgDelphine Musellec, VP fabrication at Foam créations, a division of Crocs Canada.
Technical: Canon EOS 1d Mark II, 1/100 at f2.8 with a 70-200 at 70mm – ISO 400, flash bouced into an umbrella on front right and direct flash behind her

Liberal cabinet sworn in

Three hours of work, squeezed between 2 TV cameras. 372 frames taken. For one pictures published. It’s all good, I got the front page

07plqcabinet.jpgPrime minister Jean Charest hugs Yolande James, his new immigration and cultural communities at the Red room of the National assembly in Quebec City April 18, 2007. James is the first member of a visible minority to be named minister in Quebec.
Technical: Canon EOS 1d Mark II, 1/250 at f2.8 with a 70-200 at 140mm – ISO 1250, flash

09plqcabinet.jpgChristine Saint-Pierre shows emotion as she is sworn in as the new communication, culture and feminine condition minister at the Red room of the National assembly in Quebec City April 18, 2007. The cabinet is one of the smallest of the recent years and includes an equal number of men and women.
Technical: Canon EOS 1d Mark II, 1/250 at f2.8 with a 70-200 at 115 – ISO 1250, flash

ADQ caucus

caucusadq9.jpgQuebec City – March 29, 2007. ADQ’s Mario Dumont is welcomed by his 40 MNAs at the National Assembly in Quebec City as he open the first ADQ caucus as the official opposition following Monday’s provincial election. ADQ 41 MNAs is a major upgrade from the 5 they had before, and many of them will have to learn the tricks of the trade.
Technical: Canon EOS 1d Mark II, 1/60 at f4.5 with a 16-35 at 16mm – ISO 800, flash bounced to the ceiling

Yep, Allan Detrich saw it coming. He resigned the day after he was suspended pending an internal investigation, probably because he knew he was in trouble. In an article published today, Toledo Blade editor Ron Royhab tells the reader that many photos submitted by Detrich where doctored.

An intensive investigation of Mr. Detrich’s work, conducted by Nate Parsons, The Blade’s director of photography, found that since January of this year, Mr. Detrich submitted 947 photographs for publication, of which 79 had been digitally altered.


The changes Mr. Detrich made included erasing people, tree limbs, utility poles, electrical wires, electrical outlets, and other background elements from photographs. In other cases, he added elements such as tree branches and shrubbery.

Mr. Detrich also submitted two sports photographs in which items were inserted. In one he added a hockey puck and in the other he added a basketball, each hanging in mid-air.

As a photojournalist, Detrich doesn’t exist anymore:

The Blade is removing all of Mr. Detrich’s photographs from and blocked access to any of his photographs in the newspaper’s archive. Like many other newspapers, The Blade shares its work with the Associated Press, an international news cooperative. On April 6, the AP removed all 50 of Mr. Detrich’s photographs from its archives.

Detrich was really not a nobody. “(he) has won hundreds of newspaper photography awards over the years. He was a Pulitzer finalist in 1998”.

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