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One of the great thing about being a photographer is that you get to photograph « normal people » who then become famous. You slowly build an archive of important people, you are a witness (and a guardian) of history.

I already recalled how I first photographed P.K Subban in his junior rookie years

Do you know Kevin Steen? It is the real name of WWE superstar Kevin Owens, the current the WWE Universal champion belt, the world most important title any wrestler can hold.

In 2004/2005, he was just a kid. Every month, he would make the trip to Quebec City for the EWR wrestling show. He wrestled his first big names there: Steve Corino, A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniel and a then unknown guy named El Generico. Never heard of him? He his now also in the WWE and wrestles under the name of Sami Zayn.

Kevin Owens
Canadian WWE superstar Kevin Owens, then using his real name of Kevin Steen, is seen in his early wrestling days during a fight in Quebec City Saturday April 9, 2005.

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Lors des Olympiques de Rio, l’agence Getty a envoyé sur son fil de presse 1,5 million de photos. Lors de la course du 100m, une photo du gagnant a été distribuée 58 secondes après la fin de la course. 

De la préparation jusqu’à l’envoie des photos, voici comment on photographie le plus grand spectacle sur la planète.

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