Mois : décembre 2013

Il y a 24 ans aujourd’hui, Marc Lépine entrait à l’École Polytechnique à Montréal, tuait 14 femmes et blessait 14 personnes.

En 2008, je devais photographier sa mère, Monique, lors d’une entrevue avec une journaliste. J’ai déjà montré ces images. Je me souviens très bien d’un truc qu’elle a dit lors de l’entrevue.

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When I see a photographer uses Groupon or other social discount website, I cringe. Big time. It’s usually not a good idea to offer discounts when you are in business.

Groupon just don’t make sense, especially in a service business like photography where you have to offer your time at 25% of what it’s worth with Groupon. Yes, 25%. You offer a 50% deal, and then you give 50% of the price to Groupon. So you are getting 25% of your usual rate.

You think you can lure them in your studio for an upsell? Or maybe even have them to come back at full price?

Discounting is for dummies – here’s why (and what to do instead).

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