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Arcane Technologie: augmented reality helmet
Martin Dube, left, and Jean-Francois Lavoie, right, of Arcane Technologies poses with an augmented reality helmet October 23, 2009. The helmet takes images of the world and overlays other information on it, like animations and text. Photo Francis Vachon/THE GAZETTE
Technical: Canon EOS Mark III, 1/100 at f4.5 with a 24-70 at 42mm – ISO 320 + 2 flash through an umbrella on camera left, one direct flash on camera right, 45 degree behind the subject . One polarizer filter was used to cut the reflexion on the floor

Arcane Technologie: augmented reality helmet
Technical: Canon EOS Mark III, 1/100 at f4 with a 24-70 at 57mm – ISO 400 + 2 flash through an umbrella (one on each side) and one direct flash directly behind the subject, on the floor, shooting up

Read the story online: Mobile’s new reality – Next stage in telecom revolution will have you seeing the world in a whole new way

Managing the home front

Melanie Fournier
Mélanie Fournier poses with her three children (from left to right) Frederick, 4, Elizabeth 6, and Angelique Rondeau 7, at the family center at the Valcartier military base north of Quebec city October 15, 2009. Fournier’s husband is serving in Afghanistan and will be home in two weeks. Photo Francis Vachon/THE GAZETTE.

The story is unfortunately not on the web.

This summer, I had the chance to do a very neat commercial job (can’t show you what it is just yet) that needed some photos from above. During my scouting in places that people do not usually have access to, I took some photos that turned really nice.
Here are some of them. Many more (and some others shot before that) Quebec city photos from above on my stock site

Palais Montcalm, quebec
Theatre Le Palais Montcalm in Quebec city

la gare intermodale VIA rail et Éclatement II
The VIA Rail train station

The Assemblee Nationale (National Assembly), the legislature building for the province of Quebec

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