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Serious microstock photographer

You want to make a living shooting for microstock? Well, you are competing against guys like this. Are you up for the challenge?

Remember. All he’s getting is about 0.20$ per photo sold.

Robert Blouin, President and owner Azbar Inc., poses at his company in Quebec city. Azbar manufactures and puts on the market various systems and services for drinks and foods sales, control and management. Photo Francis Vachon/Canwest News Service
Technical: Canon EOS Mark III, 1/80 at f7,1 with a 24-70 at 30mm – ISO 400 + one flash through an umbrella on camera left and one flash through a grid on camera right (almost behind subject)

Technical: Canon EOS Mark III, 1/200 at f5,6 with a 24-70 at 48mm – ISO 800 + one flash through a grid on camera left aiming subject’s face and one flash through an umbrella on left aiming (and very close to) the control panel held by the subject

Artsy-fartsy zooming effect

« Zooming » is a photo trick where you zoom out while taking a picture at a slow shutter speed. If applied correctly, the effect will produces a very energetic picture.

I was practicing the technique in my living room on a painting that I have. I came out with a very cool photo. What do you think?

Zooming effet

I went on a small trip to Ile d’Orléans island earlier this week. I was looking for agricultural stock photos. Did not exactly got what I was looking for, but I came back with some usable image.

Normandy style house
A farmer rides a tractor on his field in front of a Normandy style house in Saint-Jean-de-l’Ile-d’Orleans. Most of the settlers during the New-France era came over from Normandy and Poitou (France).

Espace Felix Leclerc
The Espace Felix Leclerc in St-Pierre, Ile D’Orleans, near Quebec City. The site pays tribute to the memory of the poet and his work.

Saint-Laurent-de-l’Ile-d’Orleans Church
Saint-Laurent-de-l’Ile-d’Orleans Church

More Ile d’Orleans stock photos on my stock site.

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