Mois : avril 2008

Andre Zucca’ Paris photos


The images themselves, quite frankly, are boring snapshots.Yet, a lot of people are up in arms saying they are insulted by these images. I found it fascinating that images can become insulting not by what they depict but rather by what they do not show


We say that an image is worth a thousand words. Well, it this case, an images needs a thousand more words.

When simple images become revolting

Regis Labeaume TQSQuebec Mayor Regis Labeaume speaks to TQS (Television Quatre-Saisons) TV station employees in front of the local station in Quebec City April 23, 2008. Remstar, new owner of TQS, announced this morning that they will stop the production of all their news bulletin on September 1st, firing 270 employees.
Technical: Canon EOS 1D mark II, 1/250 at f13 with a 16-35 at 23mm – ISO 200, on camera flash

Father’s thought (1)

Francis and Charles-EdwardWhen you are a in a public place with a 12 days old baby in your arms, you automatically become the center of attention; Everyone look in your direction, everyone talk to you, and look at that little thing you are gently holding. It’s like being Santa Clause: you put a smile in everyone’s face.

Mastering off camera flash is great for portraits, but why stop there? This morning, I went to a press conference. The kinda-boring-guy-standing-behind-a-microphone talking-to-the-media type of press conference.

I setup a remote flash on a magic arm and a super clamp on a chair, fired thru a pocket wizard. At least, I could say that I got some nice light out of it. Super clamp and magic arm are fun. You can set them up pretty much everywhere, and you can attach a flash or a remote camera to them. The limit is your imagination!

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