Mois : mars 2008

The Quebec Remparts win the first round series 4-2 with a 3-1 victory at the Colisé Pepsi in Quebec City

Chicoutimi Sagueneen - 30 - Francois LevesqueChicoutimi Sagueneens goalie François Lévesque grabes the puck and makes the save

Quebec Remparts - 19 - Christophe PoirierQuebec Remparts Christophe Poirier lies on the ice after a vicious hit form behind

Kevin DesfossesQuebec Remparts goalie Kevin Desfosses cheers after a save on a penalty shot.

remparts-sagueneens-01s.jpgHeavy traffic in front of the Remparts’ net

35 weeks pregnant Cindy

Cindy HainsA last shooting with Cindy before I take her to the hospital Monday night. The baby is coming sometime this week!
Technical: Canon EOS 1D mark II, 1/250 at f14 with a 85mm prime lens – ISO 200, one remote flash thru an umbrella from camera left, one remote direct flash on the right.

The story I was shooting when a nearby barn roof collapsed was played pretty big this morning in The Gazette for a story about « Resurrecting our churches« .

On the front page, they played a pretty big picture of an outside view of the Church as a teaser for the story. Then, on the front of the EXTRA section, a half-page picture of the inside of the Church, and a third picture on page B4.

A fantastic photo of an ordinary story will never bring you the front page. But an ordinary photo of a fantastic story will!

Father Guy PiloteFather Guy Pilote poses inside the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre March 19, 2008. The Churche will gives out Easter water in small bottles. Photo Francis Vachon for the Montreal Gazette
Technical: Canon EOS 1D mark II, 1/30 (hand held!) at f9 with a 85mm prime lens – ISO 800, on remote flash bounced into an umbrella on camera left

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