Mois : février 2008

Nonstress TestCindy Hains receives a nonstress test (NST)

Nonstress-testA doctor shows Cindy Hains the result of her nonstress test (NST) at the CHUL hospital in Quebec City. The NST is a Doppler time series recording of the heart beat of a fetus in utero simultaneous with the abdominal and/or uterine contractions of the pregnant woman to indicate if the baby is not receiving enough oxygen because of placental or umbilical cord problems and other types of fetal distress.
Technical: Canon EOS 1D mark II, 1/100 at f10 with a 24-70 at 26mm – ISO 200, one on-camera flash bounced to the ceiling.
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Yep, day to day « activities » is good for stock photography! And by the way, the test was positive, the baby is still moving normally.

Cindy and Edward

Cindy & EdwardMy girlfriend Cindy and little Edward, now at almost 30 weeks in the making.
Technical: Canon EOS 1D mark II, 1/250 at f2.8 with a 85mm prime lens – ISO 200, one direct flash facing the subject and snooted on the face, one direct flash with blue gel behind the subject, slightly on the right

Dominique BrownDominique Brown, founder and CEO of Beenox, poses in his Quebec City office. The video game company was founded in 2000 and bought by Activision in 2005. They has done more than 30 projects including X-Men, Spider-Man, Shrek and, more recently, the game for the 2006 Bee Movie. Photo Francis Vachon for The Gazette
Technical: Canon EOS 1D mark II, 1/80 at f16 with a 85mm prime lens – ISO 200, one direct flash on the right

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