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Reuter Staff photographer describes a close combat with Taliban fighters in Afghanistan

As a photographer embedded with the Canadians, I was hit by the blast and then enveloped by a cloud of dust and smoke as we scrambled for cover behind a mud wall shielding us from Taliban positions on the opposite side of a grape field.

Canadian and Afghan troops quickly returned fire and I focussed on taking pictures of an Afghan army soldier shooting a heavy mounted machine gun from a nearby ditch.


People often ask whether it’s worth the risk taking combat pictures. It’s only worth it if you don’t get hurt or worse. The second something bad happens, the gamble is lost.

The last picture, featuring O’Reilly himself, made my day.

Huskies de Rouyn-Norenda - 14 - Pierre-Luc ChampagneRouyn-Norenda Huskies’ Pierre-Luc Champagne and Quebec Remparts’ Darick Ste-Marie battle for the puck in QMJHL action at Le Colisée Pepsi in Quebec City Friday October 26, 2007. Quebec The Remparts won 4 to 1.

Remparts de Quebec - 05 Joey RyanRouyn-Norenda Huskies’ Guillaume Lepine and Quebec Remparts’ Darick Joey Ryan get physical in QMJHL action at Le Colisée Pepsi in Quebec City Friday October 26, 2007. Quebec The Remparts won 4 to 1

Lucian ButeNew IBF super middleweight champion Lucian Bute waves to the crowd as he is presented before the game.

5 days away

I’m more or less done packing my stuff. Tomorrow morning, I leave for Toronto. Friday and Sunday is the Great White North Workshop. Then, I’m coming back but on my way to Quebec City, I’ll stop in Montreal. Sunday and Monday, I have an assignment for two Swiss newspapers, the Lausane 24 Heures and La Tribune de Genève. More on that as soon as the pictures are published.

What is the most important gear a photographer must have? What is THE gear you must buy, not matter what?

A cell phone.

And what it the most important part of your marketing tool? What is THE thing you must put money into?

A website.

I just got a phone call from a photo editor in Switzerland. She had two contacts in the area, but she could not reach one of them, and the email of the other one bounced back.

She used Google, and she stumbled into my website. She liked what she saw, and called me. My cell phone is with me all the time, so her problem (finding a photographer) was quickly resolved. And me? I got a neat 2 days assignment, which will pay my cell phone bill and web hosting for many months.

** edit ** 30 minutes after I posted this, I got a second call from a publication in Ontario, thanks to my website.

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